CAD Software is Evolving

As a norm in technology, everything gets better over time. This includes computer software and designing tools. When I first started drafting and designing, it was partly done by computer, but still, there was a portion of it that was done by hand. We’ve come a long way from that right now, yet we continue innovating. Using the recent AutoCAD software has certainly improved the drafting experience. But digging a little deeper, specifically, what has changed in the CAD sotfware industry? How much more we can innovate in this space of work? And how we can maintain ourselves up to date?

From a personal perspective, as a CAD drafter & designer I have worked with different types of engineers and different standards. The constant in this field is presenting high quality diagrams and design for projects, assembly and construction. As each year passes, each software upgrades their tools and makes everything easier. Something that I found to be very handy is that you can create your own scripts and lisps. As simple as it might sound you can create simple yet consistent chains of instructions. I use this a lot for layers, borders, blocks and coordinates. This is just one example that shows (if you ever draw by hand) how easy and user friendly CAD software can be. In more advanced features, innovation in this line of work has sky rocketed. My best example would be having a 3D printer and just making your own things. Drafting and designing has evolved in such a way that we can draw, create, print and use in a matter of hours in our own home (I just created some 3D letters for my pick-up truck and I’m exited).

Now with all these CAD tools, software, hardware and advances how we can maintain ourselves up to date? Well, I tried learning from different places & disciplines and it did not work well. Why? Simple… you do not give yourself the opportunity to become a veteran in a field. So I would say, stick to a discipline you like and start developing from there. There are a few companies that have different types of training, certifications and know how’s that range from being free to paying a few bucks.

My future goals is to get better using the tools that I use now, and specializing in renewable energy design.

I would love to know your thoughts and ideas for the CADD world. I will be posting more content, and displaying bits of my work and experiences.

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