Learning how to Code Online

Does it work? Is it worth it? How difficult can it be?

One of the goals I’m looking forward to achieve is learning a new skill. Seeing how technology is moving it was natural to start looking into coding/programming. I looked on tutorials, read forums and asked friends, but there is so much info that’s its kind of hard to know where to start.

I looked into coding boot camps, prices and programming languages and made a choice. Right now I’m a student in Coding Dojo programming boot camp. Does it work? Yes. Is it worth it? Yeah. How difficult can it be? Very difficult.

Now let’s elaborate. Right now I’ve learned a lot, HTML, CSS and Javascript are the main things you start learning. I came with no knowledge and I can make a simple web page layout and few commands. Now the important part, you learn a more in depth language like python and this is where its worth it, and gets complicated. You get to learn a back end programming language but in a short period of time. Time is the more difficult part of an online boot camp class as you need to meet death lines and learn a bunch. The good part of this is as you come through you are work ready when you graduate.

But I love it, its challenging but rewarding. I’m super excited to add this skill set to my drafting/designing skills and creating tools for a more precise and professional output of my work.

I would love to know your thoughts and opinions. I will be posting more content, and displaying bits of my work and experiences.

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