3D printing 101

3D printing… Looks cool, its handy, and can be integrated to CADD and programing. But how complicated it can be? What would I need to make it work? Is it expensive?

If you already know CAD, you are already ahead in terms of designing what you want to do. For those who don’t know there is hope. There is a lot of free and paid libraries in the web with pre-made designs, letters and figures that you can print out.

So…Technically getting the design is not complicated. But when you get the printer there might be some surprises if you don’t red ahead. Some of the complicate areas for you guys starting is the assembly process of the printer. A lot of 3D printers required them to be assemble and calibrated. Depending on the type of printer, you might want to adjust it to your preferences.

My case just to test waters I started with a pre-assembled 3D printer that I found online. Printing area is small, and sometimes is not as precise as I would love to. But, in terms of using it to print out designs in CAD it does the work.

3D Printed letters for my Tacoma

If you want to 3D print something from a CAD file, make sure that it is on a format that is compatible with the printer, the dimensions of the design fit on the printing area and make sure you have enough material to print out.

In reality 3D printing is something that with some basic knowledge and reading you can get to it quickly. Is very straight forward, if you already have the design on the correct format the printer will do the rest of the work. If you already know CAD then its going to be much more fun. Now, a good quality printer with a big area is going to cost some money. So I would recommend buying a small one just to get the hang of it.

The printer I’m using is the pre assembled BIQU Magician using it own software CURA for BIQU.