CADD, Code & 3D Printing

The goal of being multidisciplinary

Last few weeks we read about different skills, that I’m personally pursuing and that I work on, since it complements what I do for a living. My goal is to combine coding, designing and 3D printing to get to the point on which I can address a problem, design it, add code if its necessary and print it to get a physical product.

One example of how to integrate this skill-set could be “creating” a monitoring system (or telemetry system) for a fish tank. Get yourself an arduino, some sensors (pH, temp, water level, etc), program it, design your customs bases, print them, assemble it and you have your own monitor system for your aquarium. Sounds simple but for this you need programming and design knowledge.

I remember when I took notice of this. Back in college I was part of the Solar Car project. We were on a budget so we needed it to be efficient, reliable and cheap. The telemetry system was a combination of Arduinos, Rasberry PI, sensors, programming and custom made parts. To design, fabricate and see things work is one of my favorite things in life, haha.

That is what I love about this. That you can think bigger and instead of an aquarium monitor system you could design and make more advance systems, parts & custom home inventions. This way you can polish your skills on personal projects and get out to the world and work on the “bigger things”.